Poster Instructions

Poster Instructions

  • Poster presenters must be registered for the Geoscience Forum
  • Poster presenters not giving a Soap Box Talk are required to attend poster session (date and time to be announced)
  • Poster presenters must Submit a poster abstract or summary by 21 October 2016
  • Posters that duplicate an oral presentation must be approved by Kumari Karunaratne

Poster Display Boards

Posters will be mounted on display boards:

  • 120 cm (47") high by 215 cm (85") wide
  • Royal-blue or grey
  • Felt-covered suitable for Velcro (not included). Not suitable for pins.

Soapbox Talks

Poster presenters are given the option to give a scheduled 3-5 minute oral presentation in front of their poster during the Poster Session. If you would like to deliver one of these “Soapbox Talks”, please indicate this when you submit your abstract. Note that talk slots fill up fast and are allotted on a first-come first-served basis. Students take preference if the Soap Box talks are over-subscribed.


2016 Poster Session

Soapbox Talks

13:00  Till Composition and Glacial Dispersal Patterns in South Rae Craton, Northwest Territories — G. Lauzon* [#8]

13:07  Local Stratigraphy of the Duo Lake Formation at Howards Pass in the Selwyn Basin Region — A.F. Flower* [#11]

13:14  Geochemistry, Sedimentology, and Ichnology of the Hare Indian Formation at Mountain River, Mackenzie Mountains, N.T. — M. LaGrange* [#12]

13:21  Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous Palynostratigraphy in the Aklavik Range, Northwest Territories — A.V. Nguyen* [#13]

13:28  Tropical Weathering in Area of Melville Hills, Northwest Territories — R. Davies [#14]

14:00 – 15:00           Keynote Address — Theatre 1

15:17  Geochemical Baselines and Metal(loid) Mobility in a Changing Northern Climate — C.B. Miller* [#15]

15:24  The Influence of Forest Fires on Metal Loading to Northern Lakes — N. Pelletier* [#16]

15:31  Determining the Impact of Wildfire on Stream Systems in the Dehcho and South Slave Regions (NWT) using Water Chemistry and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Assemblages — C.S. Garner* [#17]

15:38  Characterization of Arsenic-hosting Solid Phases in Tailings and Tailings Dust from Giant Mine, Yellowknife, NT — A.S.Bailey* [#18]

15:45  Machine Learning for Understanding Exploration Data — C.F. Prades* [#20]


Micron to Mine: Synchrotron Science for Mineral Exploration, Production, and Remediation — L.L. Van Loon [#1]

Geophysical Data Projects 2016-2017 — A.M. Mirza [#2]

Mineral Deposits of Arctic Canada: Excerpts from a Chapter in "Mineral Resources in the Arctic" — J.C. Harrison [#3]

Intersecting Fold Belts in the Bathurst Island Region, Nunavut — J.C. Harrison [#4]

Highlights of Regional Geology and Mineral Potential from 2016 Mapping in South Rae Province, NWT — E. Martel [#5]

Surficial Geology Studies across the Keewatin Ice Divide, Tehery-Wager Geoscience Project Area, Nunavut — H.M. Steenkamp [#7]

Porphyry or Pyroclastic? A Petrographic Comparison of Lithologies from the Hebert-Brent Showing in the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt, NWT — D.R. Lentz [#9]

The Effects of Mineralogical Composition and Texture on Induced Polarization (IP) Effects in Gold-Bearing Rocks from the Herbert-Brent Gold Showing, Yellowknife Greenstone Belt — M.W. Richardson* [#10]

Compilation of Ground Temperature Records in the Northwest Territories, Canada — K.C. Karunaratne [#19]

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