Regulatory and Policy Updates

The Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 10:40am to 11:00am Theatre Two


N. Wesch (Presenting)
Natural Resources Canada

The Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan (the Plan) was launched on March 3, 2019.  The Plan aims to solidify Canada’s position as a global mining leader, and to lay the foundation for lasting success at home and abroad. It focuses on six Strategic Directions: Economic Development and Competitiveness; Advancing the Participation of Indigenous Peoples; the Environment; Science, Technology and Innovation; Communities; and Global Leadership.

The Plan was informed by direction from Canada’s Mines Ministers, input from engagement sessions held in almost every province and territory, research and analysis prepared by government subject matter experts and external consultants, and over 25 independent reports.

Through the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan Secretariat, housed in Natural Resources Canada, the federal government is continuing to collaborate with the provinces and territories to develop draft actions to operationalize the Plan. At the July 2019 Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference, Mines Ministers advanced the discussion of six pan-Canadian actions under the Plan. These will be included in the first of a series of Action Plans set for release in 2020.

The Action Plan will consider areas where industry, government, partners and stakeholders can focus their efforts to boost competitiveness, position Canada to take advantage of opportunities, and translate our leadership into benefits for Canadians.

Through the Action Plan, industry can continue to demonstrate leadership, including by collaborating to help solve the big, common innovation challenges that they identify. 

The federal government will leverage the Plan to support jobs and development across regions, to advance reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, to capitalize on Canada’s reputation in a clean economy, and to support sustainable natural resource development.

Subsequent Action Plans will keep this initiative evergreen, respond to new challenges, and capitalize on longer-term opportunities in the industry. The Mining Sector Performance Report will be used to evaluate the progress of the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan.