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Check in with GEM-GeoNorth: Updates and Future Planning

Online pre-recorded


M. Plouffe (Presenting)
Geological Survey of Canada

GEM-GeoNorth is the latest installment of the Geo-Mapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM) Program, a geoscience research initiative delivered by Natural Resources Canada through the Geological Survey of Canada. The new program, which began in 2020 and will run until 2027, continues to enhance our geological understanding of Canada’s North, focusing on areas with high potential for critical minerals and other mined commodities.

GEM-GeoNorth is based on five strong pillars:

  1. Refine geological knowledge regarding untapped resource potential in Canada’s North
  2. Enhance understanding of rapidly changing landscapes and coasts to support economic development via critical infrastructure
  3. Develop and provide new public geoscience to inform environmental assessments
  4. Leverage innovative data-driven predictive methods to forecast cumulative impacts in a changing climate
  5. Co-develop research priorities and products with Northerners and Indigenous peoples

Now in the second year of programming, GEM-GeoNorth remains interested in conducting permafrost studies and other complementary geoscience research, with the aim of assessing risks to Northern infrastructure in a changing climate.

And like its predecessors, the newest iteration of GEM continues to engage with an Advisory Group of Northerners, holding bi-annual meetings, as well as with Indigenous communities and organizations to discuss research projects and results. Community engagement is a strong component of the renewed program and our approach to co-development will be discussed throughout the presentation.

The presentation will also cover the many exciting updates that have occurred over the last year:

  • First Call for Proposals
  • Field work updates for 2022
  • How we’re aligning our research priorities with Indigenous and Northern governments and organizations
  • Launch of our geoscience and multi-disciplinary grants
  • Second Call for Proposals

With input from various members of the GEM-GeoNorth team, we will touch on some of the research successes garnered over the past year, and what you can expect from GEM-GeoNorth in the upcoming year and beyond.