2019 Organising Committee


Conference CoordinatorCheryl Wourms

Technical Program ChairSarah Gervais

Assistant Technical ChairGideon Lambiv

Abstract Submissions ChairDoug Irwin

Abstract Volume CompilerDoug IrwinSarah Gervais and Viktor Terlaky

Communications ChairsJohn Ketchum and Kumari Karunaratne

Student Volunteer CoordinatorSusan Sample and Scott Cairns

Student Travel CoordinatorSusan Sample and Scott Cairns

Camsell and Keynote Speaker CoordinatorBernadette Knox and John Ketchum

Workshop CoordinatorHendrik Falck

Educational EventLanden Powell

Student Awards CoordinatorHendrik Falck

Technical Team MembersVivi Lazar, Kelly Pierce, and Doug Irwin

WebmasterSarah Gervais and Doug Irwin