Regulatory and Policy Updates

Lupin Winter Access: Permitting access to an existing transboundary winter road corridor through Northwest Territories and Nunavut

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 12:20pm to 12:40pm Theatre Three


S. Hamm (Presenting)
Sharleen Hamm Consulting Ltd.

In order to support ongoing reclamation and final closure activities at an existing mine site in Nunavut, the contractor for the remediation works, Nahanni Construction Ltd., undertook permitting to use a 200 km portion of the existing Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road corridor, from the Ekati Mine turnoff on Lac de Gras to the mine on Contwoyto Lake, to haul equipment and supplies from Yellowknife. This presentation examines the parallel processes undertaken simultaneously in Nunavut and Northwest Territories to obtain access to the winter road corridor, including various applications for surface land access (MVLWB, CIRNAC, KIA) and related authorizations, and highlights both the similarities and differences in permitting a contiguous land use across multiple jurisdictions. Lessons learned from this activity are considered especially valuable in light of the recent funding announcements in support of transportation corridor development through the same transboundary area, being the Slave Geologic Province Corridor project in NWT and the Grays Bay Road and Port Project un Nunavut.