Regulatory and Policy Updates

Roadmap to Mineral Exploration & Development in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 11:40am to 12:00pm Theatre Two


C. Klengenberg (Presenting)
Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

Mineral exploration has been limited in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) as compared to other Northern regions. With the decline in the ISR of the oil and gas development industry, the Inuvialuit have begun to explore other avenues for responsible and sustained economic development, including the development of mineral resources. The Inuvialuit have always shown resilience through the insight of their elders, effectively adapting to cultural and social and economic changes while maintaining strong traditions and cultural connections to their lands. With this persistence, the Inuvialuit have assessed the economic potential of their traditional lands which encompasses 26% of the Northwest Territories landmass. While the region’s geophysical location and population density may present obstacles in many business sectors, the region’s abundant non-renewable resources offer massive economic development opportunities. This is particularly relevant within the ISR, where coal, diamonds, base and precious metals have been identified in many areas across the region.

The development of the Roadmap to Mineral Exploration & Development in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region has been to attract interest, activity and investment to the region. The Inuvialuit offers their experience, the commitment and the capacity to work in partnership with potential mineral explorers and developers to find solutions and develop minerals in a manner that meets and respects the values and objectives of all interested parties. The ISR Mineral Roadmap is consistent in policy and direction with the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan, the Northwest Territories Mineral Development Strategy, and the Inuvialuit Final Agreement and the Inuvialuit Land Administration. Through this document, the Inuvialuit invite and welcome those who have the foresight and energy to join the Inuvialuit in unleashing the vast mineral potential of this unique corner of Inuit Nunangat and Canada.