Speaker Instructions

Presentation Submission

  • Speakers must submit their presentation ONE DAY before their session.
  • Personal laptops may not be used.
  • File Name: 'presentation time_last name' (e.g., 1420_Sandeman.pptx)
  • PowerPoint 2016 (or older) and PDF presentations will be accepted.
  • Widescreen (16:9) presentation format is recommended. Standard (4:3) format is also acceptable.

Presentation submission options:

  • Prior to the Geoscience Forum – Submit your presentation to Kelly Pierce by email (smaller than 15MB) or provide a Dropbox or Google Drive link.
  • During the Geoscience Forum – Tuesday to Thursday submit your presentation to Kelly Pierce outside of Theatre 1 at the Capitol Theatre.

Presentations scheduled before 10 am must submit their files the day before. 

Presentation Instructions

  • Presentations are allotted 20 minutes (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and transitioning)
  • The timing of presentations will be closely monitored by the session chairpersons to keep parallel sessions synchronized
  • Presentation files can be deleted immediately following the session upon request
  • Presenters will have access to a podium equipped with a reading light, laptop controls, stationary and wireless microphones, and a laser pointer
  • Presenters should have a separate hardcopy of their notes, if needed. PowerPoint notes will not be available as the laptop screen is duplicated to the main screen.
  • Presenters are encouraged to introduce themselves to their session chairpersons and familiarize themselves with the presentation area prior to their session

Tips for Successful Presentations

  • Videos - Do not embed videos in your presentation, these will not work properly. If you must use videos, link to the video file from PowerPoint and include the associated video file (e.g., avi, mpeg). Advise Kelly Pierce a day ahead of your presentation of any videos so that the functionality can be verified.
  • Pictures - Use 'Insert Picture' to include images in your presentation. Copy/Paste greatly increases the file size of your presentation which may affect functionality.
  • Symbols/Unconventional Fonts - Embed symbols and unique fonts in PowerPoint by selecting 'File--Options--Save--Embed fonts in the file'.
  • Mac Users - Save your presentation as a PowerPoint 2016 File (*.pptx or *.ppsx). Please check your presentation on a PC prior to submission. Speakers may not use their own laptops.

Contact Kelly Pierce, Technical Coordinator, with questions about your presentation.