Community Engagement and Education

Yellowknives Dene First Nations and Det’on Cho Corporation as their economic arm – How they Collaborate Effectively

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 10:00am to 10:20am Theatre Three


S.A. Gruner (Presenting)
Det'on Cho Corporation

Resource companies often struggle on how to engage with impacted First Nations and in particular getting alignment between the First Nation and their perspective development corporations.  Over the past 2 years Yellowknives Dene First Nations (YKDFN) and its development corporation Det’on Cho Corporation (DCC) have made a considerable effort to align between the two entities.  The talk will be provided by the CEO of YKDFN and the CEO of DCC and will review where the YKDFN and DCC relationship started, how it has evolved, what steps have been taken to strengthen the relationship and enhance transparency and communication.  Lastly the speakers will provide recommendations on how to approach YKDFN / DCC and other Indigenous groups with potential opportunities in the resource sector.