Innovation, Community Engagement and Education

Advancing Social Licence in a Complex Environment: Yellowknife City Gold Project

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 16:00 to 16:19 Theatre 3


D.M. Connelly (Presenting)
TerraX Minerals Inc.

The Yellowknife City Gold Project (YCGP) which directly benefits and impacts over half the NWT’s population is unique among Northern projects.

YCGP’s 780 sq. km. span crown, commissioner and municipal lands surrounding the City of Yellowknife and YKDFN Communities of N’dilo and Dettah. It shares multiple land uses including: hydro, road, airport and communications infrastructure; tourism, harvesting, residential and agriculture lands; recreational trails and lakes, permitted and unpermitted cabins and mine reclamation projects.

While 90% of the population impacted by the YCGP live in the City of Yellowknife, the YCGP is in Chief Drygeese Territory within the unsettled Akaitcho Land Claim and is overlapped by the Môwhì Gogha area of the settled Tli Cho Land Claim and the asserted North Slave Métis Claim.

Together with next generation projects in the North, YCGP faces an emerging and perhaps largest challenge to social licence: the risk of increasing international opposition to high-carbon projects that rely on diesel or LNG. It is simply smarter and safer for mining companies to avoid risking their global social licence and invest in places with competitive carbon-free energy.