Director / Administration

John Ketchum, Director. Credit: NTGS.
John Ketchum, Director
(867) 767-9211 x63200
Susan Sample, Operations and Finance Officer. Credit: NTGS.
Susan Sample, Operations and Finance Officer
(867) 767-9211 x63202

Mineral Deposits and Bedrock Mapping

Scott Cairns, Manager, Mineral Deposits and Bedrock Mapping. Credit: NTGS.
Scott Cairns, Manager
(867) 767-9211 x63201
Bernadette Knox, Project Geologist. Credit: NTGS.
Bernadette Knox, Project Geologist
(867) 767-9211 x63207
Philippe X. Normandeau, Surficial Geologist. Credit: NTGS.
Philippe X. Normandeau, Surficial Geologist
(867) 767-9211 x63204
Asif Mirza, Geophysicist. Credit: NTGS.
Asif Mirza, Geophysicist
(867) 767-9211 x63203
Edith Martel, Project Geologist. Credit: NTGS.
Edith Martel, Project Geologist
(867) 767-9211 x63211
Beth Fischer, Project Geologist. Credit: NTGS.
Beth Fischer, Project Geologist
(867) 767-9211 x63212
Geologist leaning on RC Drill
Barrett Elliott, Diamond Geologist
(867) 767-9211 x63210
Gideon Lambiv, Industrial Minerals Geologist
Gideon Lambiv Dzemua, Industrial Minerals Geologist
(867) 767-9211 x63209
Merilie Reynolds, Mineral Deposits Geologist
(867) 767-9211 x63222
(867) 797-9211 x63221

Environmental / Permafrost Science

Steve Kokelj, Permafrost Scientist. Credit: NTGS.
Steve Kokelj, Manager
(867) 767-9211 x63214
Ashley Rudy, Permafrost Geohazard Scientist
(867) 767-9211 x 63208
Alice Wilson, Permafrost Scientist
Niels Weiss, Geotechnical Data Scientist
(867) 767-9211 x63218

Information Services

Kumari Karunaratne, Manager Geoscience Information Services
Kumari Karunaratne, Assistant Director
(867) 767-9211 x63213
Landen Powell, Outreach Geologist. Credit: NTGS.
Landen Powell, Outreach Geologist
(867) 767-9211 x63216
Sarah Gervais, Geoscientist, Geoscience Editor
(867) 767-9211 x63223
Sheriff Ola, GIS Librarian
(867) 767-9211 x63215

Geomatics and Information Technology

Kelly Pierce, Geomatics Specialist
(867) 767-9211 x63219
Vivi Lazar, Network Administrator. Credit: NTGS.
Vivi Lazar, Network Administrator
(867) 767-9211 x63220

Energy Geosciences

Jonathan Rocheleau, Petroleum Geologist. Credit: NTGS.
Jonathan Rocheleau, Energy Geologist
(867) 767-9211 x63206
Viktor Terlaky, Senior Petroleum Geologist. Credit: NTGS.
(867) 767-9211 x63226
Yaqub Adepoju, Senior Energy Geologist
(867) 797-9211 x63205