Our Publication Types


The Northwest Territories Geological Survey (NTGS) releases results from scientific research programs in a variety of forms, including reports, datasets and maps. Our publications list can be searched using the References Application

NWT Open Report

Open Reports are releases of raw data with minimal interpretation. The datasets have not been subjected to rigorous review, and the objective of this publication is to make information available to the public in a timely manner, and to allow access to geoscience data that might not otherwise be released.

NWT Open File

Open Files are generally final reports or maps summarizing results of geoscience research undertaken by the NTGS or one of its partners. Open Files are subjected to external peer-reviews.

Mineral Potential Series

A Mineral Potential Series publication consists of a dataset compiled to highlight an area or a commodity of perceived interest to the mineral exploration community. The aim of this type of publication is to provide a snapshot of the latest data relating to a given target of exploration or geographic area, presented in a context which aids interpretation, and to attract interest to under-explored areas within the NWT.

Educational Publication

Educational Publications are intended for students and the public. They may contain previously published data presented in a new form, or original data collected specifically for the Educational Publication, but will not contain original scientific material.

Other Publications

  • Geological Survey of Canada publications (such as Bulletins, Papers, Memoirs, Open Files, A-Series geology maps, and G-Series Geophysical Maps) for the NWT are available for viewing in the NTGS Library in Yellowknife. They can be searched for in GEOSCAN  which is a database of scientific publications of the Earth Sciences Sector (ESS) of Natural Resources Canada.  
  • Topographic Maps are available for viewing in the NTGS Library; however we are not authorized to sell them.  Find out how to download or order topographic maps through the Canada Map Office.
  • Nautical charts are available from the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS).