Environmental Monitoring and Research

All Creatures Great and Small: Wildlife Baseline at Pine Point

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 16:30 to 19:00 Multiplex Gym (DND)


J. Dudley

D. Panayi (Presenting)
Golder Associates

Many of the residents of the South Slave area have a strong interest in the region’s wildlife. This interest was re-stated in listening sessions hosted by Pine Point Mining Limited in Hay River and Fort Resolution in late 2017. The Pine Point area is a popular hunting destination because it is readily accessible from the highway and has a network of on-site roads and cut-lines that make travel within the site fairly easy for humans and wildlife. The Pine Point area has a variety of land cover types ranging from relatively undisturbed swamps and forestlands to mine pits with constructed drainage ditches and cleared land that supported both an industrial park and townsite. These distinct areas are all used by wildlife in some way. Several different studies have been completed in recent years to measure wildlife species richness at Pine Point. The methods used to conduct these studies have included: ground surveys along transects, traditional knowledge studies, aerial surveys, continuous audio-recording at fixed locations, continuous monitoring with wildlife cameras at fixed locations, and incidental observations. Results from the different studies have been compiled. They indicate that the different habitats at Pine Point support a fairly diverse assemblage of both migratory and resident animals.