Impacted Environments

Contaminant Exposure History of Yellowknife Bay Fish from Otolith Microchemistry Analysis

Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 08:40 to 08:59 Theatre 3


C. Sibbald (Presenting)
Royal Roads University, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

V. Palace
International Institute for Sustainable Development - Experimental Lakes Area

The talk will review results from a study on otolith microchemistry of slimy sculpin, burbot, and lake whitefish from Yellowknife Bay, Northwest Territories, in relation to the Giant Mine Remediation Project. Otoliths are small “earbones” in fish that have been gaining attention in recent years as they can provide a detailed and permanent chronological record of trace element exposure over the life of a fish. The objective of the study was to assess pre-remediation patterns of trace elements in the fish otoliths to evaluate if signatures of contaminant exposure are present as a result of current and historic operations at Giant Mine. Trace elements analyzed in the study included arsenic, the mine’s primary contaminant of concern, as well as antimony, copper, lead, strontium, and zinc.