Energy in Canada's North

Conventional Resource Gas Mapping Project

Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 09:40 to 09:59 Theatre 2


K.M. Fiess (Presenting)
NWT Geological Survey

The Conventional Gas Resource Mapping Project was initiated last year to support an NTGS strategic plan objective,”… to provide geoscience knowledge as required to support community initiatives to develop local natural gas supplies for electricity generation.” To this end, a scoping level geoSCOUT project was completed to show the distribution of known natural gas resource volumes with respect to communities and existing pipeline and road infrastructure. A more comprehensive second phase of this project will be initiated in Fiscal 2018_19 to create publication quality maps, shapefiles, and metadata in an ArcGIS project. The results of the ArcGIS project will be made available as an NTGS Open Report by fiscal year-end. This presentation will review the scoping results of the 2017-18 Conventional Gas Resource Mapping Project.