Diamond Geology and Exploration

Diamond Potential of the Dehcho Region

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 12:20 to 15:59 Lobby - Capitol Theatre


B. Elliott (Presenting)
Northwest Territories Geological Survey

Our knowledge of the diamond potential in the Dehcho region has progressed significantly in the past decade. We now recognize that the central Dehcho represents a world class diamond exploration district. Continued scientific and industry work in the area have clearly shown that the diamond potential of this area may be of the same magnitude as the Lac de Gras region, which hosts active diamond mines.
The evidence for high diamond potential in the Dehcho, includes abundant Kimberlite Indicator Minerals (KIM) from stream sediment sampling work, a diamond found in a stream sediment sample, 39 drilled kimberlites, some of which are diamondiferous, and numerous untested kimberlite-like geophysical anomalies from both government and industry data. Recent work at the University of Alberta has shown that deep Earth conditions in the area of the Horn Plateau may be as favorable for diamond generation and preservation as the Lac de Gras region and that there that there may be multiple generations of kimberlites present in the region. Given the relative paucity of exploration work and geoscience data in the Dehcho region, the available evidence is strongly suggestive of the possibility of the presence of diamond deposits.