Energy in Canada's North

Energy Resilience and Independence for Canada’s North

Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 15:40 to 15:59 Theatre 2


E. Fung
TUGLIQ Energy Corp.

N. Seguin
TUGLIQ Energy Corp.

L. Abbatiello
TUGLIQ Energy Corp.

P. Rivard (Presenting)
TUGLIQ Energy Corp.

This talk will present an overview of diesel consumption in Canada’s North and will discuss highlights and conclusions from KPMG’s recent study “Assessment of Potential Diesel Demand in Mines and Remote Communities in Northern Canada.” It will also feature a case study relating to TUGLIQ Energy’s renewable energy experience at Glencore’s RAGLAN Mine in the Canadian Arctic, and suggest frontier demonstrations, experiments and deployments that should be undertaken to effect a timely and orderly energy transition in Canada’s North. Emphasis will be given to the current energy situation in Canada’s North, evolving trends, and practitioners’ views on reliability, operating and maintenance, smart grid stability, resilience and energy independence.