Regulatory and Policy Updates

Land Use Planning in Wek’èezhìi: An Update

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 10:00 to 10:19 Theatre 3


D. Phillpot (Presenting)
Government of the Northwest Territories

Z. Nevitt
Tlicho Government

Land use planning is a process of making informed decisions about the future use of lands, waters, and other resources. Land use plans ensure better and more effective management of lands and resources, and create certainty for where and how development can take place.

Regional land use planning is an ongoing process in the Northwest Territories (NWT). To date, land use planning in the Mackenzie Valley has occurred on a regional basis according to settlement region boundaries. While a land use plan exists for Tlicho lands, no land use plan has been developed for public lands in Wek’èezhìi, an area in the Bear and Slave geological provinces of the NWT. The Government of the Northwest Territories, Tlicho Government and the Government of Canada are working collaboratively towards a land use plan for public lands in the region.

This talk will review the status and next steps for land use planning in Wek’èezhìi.