Energy in Canada's North

Liquefied Natural Gas for Powering Northern Communities and Industry

Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 15:20 to 15:39 Theatre 2


T. Balaski (Presenting)
Ferus Natural Gas Fuels

Over the past 8 years we have seen North American oil/diesel commodity pricing separate from natural gas pricing due the vast discovery of natural gas resources in North America. This has provided a price advantage for natural gas as an energy source to replace traditional diesel fuel in all large industries, including remote power, heating, and all forms of transportation (rail, marine, and trucking). More particularly, gas can be liquefied in Canada into LNG form using local natural gas sources, and transported to proximal end users to replace diesel fuel. This provides a price advantage, typically between 25-50%, as well as an environmental benefit because natural gas is a much cleaner burning fuel source. Natural gas reduces carbon dioxide emissions up to 30% versus diesel, and has significant advantages, 90+%, when looking at SOx, NOx, and particulate emissions. Ferus Natural Gas Fuels has been building a business in Northern Canada to offer this LNG service to remote communities and mining operations so that they can realize the benefits of natural gas as a fuel.