Environmental Monitoring and Research

Remediation Approaches at Kwetı̨ ı̨ ɂaà (Rayrock) and Colomac Mines

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 16:20 to 16:39 Theatre 2


T. Steinwand (Presenting)
Tlicho Government

The Tli?cho Government has worked in collaboration with the Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada - Contaminants and Remediation Division to remediate the Colomac and Rayrock mines. In 2017, Tli?cho Elders identified areas that they avoid due to historic contamination. Using western and indigenous science, the parties have worked to understand options for cleaning up the mine site, and prepared an action plan. On the ground monitoring by Tli?cho BEAHR (Building environmental aboriginal human resources) monitoring graduates is allowing the Tli?cho Government to attain a strong understanding of the health of the land in the region. The Tli?cho Government led an environmental monitoring program that aims to collect traditional knowledge about the safety of water, land and animals at the Kwetı̨ı̨ɂaà mine site. This information is designed to better understand the safety of the mine site, priorities for remediation, and to communicate to community members and the Tli?cho Government the findings of the work.