Mining Updates

Sustainably Advancing Resource Development Projects in Canada

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 10:00 to 10:19 Theatre 2


E.F. Miller (Presenting)
Seabridge Gold Inc.

Seabridge Gold is a Canadian based resource exploration company. The company has 100 percent ownership of the Courageous Lake Project in the Northwest Territories, as well as the KSM and Iskut Projects located in Northwest British Columbia.

The Courageous Lake Project is a gold exploration project located approximately 240 km northeast of Yellowknife, NWT. Although the Project was not active for several years, exploration activities to grow the estimated resource base and improve the overall project economics have resumed at the project site.

At its core, Seabridge believes in responsible resource development, with community engagement and environmental sustainability among the top priorities.

Some of the implemented and ongoing initiatives by Seabridge at its KSM and Iskut Projects include:
-Signed a Benefits Agreement with the Nisga’a Nation.
-Signed an Environmental Agreement with the Gitanyow Nation.
-During the EA process, established a wildlife working group with the Tahltan, Nisga’a and the Gitanyow Nations, Seabridge, BC Forests Land and Natural Resources Operations to collaboratively resolve wildlife concerns.
-Made significant design changes to the KSM Project to accommodate community needs, adding in excess of $500M to the overall project capital costs.
-Building a workforce in northwest BC through education and trades training. Seabridge participates in many events through sponsorships, donations and offers bi-annual bursary programs to students; donated approximately $550,000 to date.
-Funds opportunities for local Indigenous community members to attend conferences and training programs to encourage and enable meaningful participation.
-Commits to the implementation of rigorous scientific, environmental and social management practices and assessments to assure high standards during operations.
-Conducts comprehensive environmental studies including fish and aquatic resources, wildlife and wildlife habitat, hydrology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, geohazards, atmospherics, terrestrial ecology, wetlands, noise, country foods, archaeology, traditional use and knowledge, land use, social and economics.
-Supports initiatives by Indigenous groups and local communities that seek to advance traditional ecological knowledge.

As responsible stewards of sustainable development, Seabridge is applying the learnings and best practices gathered from its KSM and Iskut Projects at the Courageous Lake Project. Seabridge has already planned and implemented various measures to ensure environmental and wildlife protection at its Courageous Lake Project including:
-Collaborated with Tlicho to host a week long on site traditional knowledge workshop led by Tlicho researcher and members that culminated in a TK report.
-Discussing opportunities with other Indigenous groups for the development of other TK studies.
-Implemented a wildlife protection plan that includes specific caribou protection measures when caribou are present in the area, such as monitoring and operational protocols for helicopter and drilling activities.
-Established a wildlife camera monitoring program to understand wildlife use of the area, with over seven years of data.
-Working with qualified local businesses that buy locally and hire local workers.
-Working with community liaisons to identify a range of engagement activities in preparation for Seabridge’s plans to submit a new land use permit application next fall.
-Initiating discussions with development corporations to identify possible business and job opportunities.
-Working with community members to build relationships.