Environmental Monitoring and Research

Waste Rock Management at Pine Point.

Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 09:40 to 09:59 Theatre 3


S. Kingston

M. King
Pine Point Mining Limited

J. Dudley

J. Hussey (Presenting)
Osisko Metals

Development of a Waste Rock Management Plan for the Pine Point development project is underway. Various rock formations from former open pits are being evaluated by sampling pit walls and waste rock stockpiles. Historical and current tests from different formations are being used for the analysis. Future studies will qualify waste rock types and quantify volumes of potential waste rock from mining activities. Preliminary results indicate that future waste rock management at Pine Point is expected to be relatively straightforward as the majority of the waste rock will be dolomitic limestone that has a high neutralization potential. A small component of the waste rock may need to be segregated and contained due to sulphide content. It is expected this rock can be easily distinguished for classification and appropriate disposal. Existing dry and wet open pits at Pine Point are currently being considered as potential sites for disposal of waste rock.