New Bedrock Geology Map of the Slave Craton

Location of Slave Geological Province. The Northwest Territories Geological Survey (NTGS) has released an updated Bedrock Geology Map of the Slave Geological Province. Rock units are classified into a harmonized legend with pan-Slave applicability.  Point data, including kimberlite locations and geochronological sample sites, form an integral component of the database.  The traces of numerous interpreted and mapped faults, diabase dykes, and topographical lineaments contribute to significant advancements in the understanding of the Slave’s crustal fracture systems. This new compilation builds upon a similar product released by the NTGS (formerly the Northwest Territories Geoscience Office) in 2005 as NWT-NU Open File 2005-01 which contained a spatial database of bedrock geological features of the Archean Slave craton of Northwest Territories and Nunavut.


Update Geology map of the Slave Geological Province

Download entire report (ZIP file, ~300 MB)