NTGS Releases Major Geoscientific Products for Wopmay Orogen

Coinciding with the Geological Association of Canada’s annual scientific meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Northwest Territories Geological Survey (NTGS) is pleased to announce the recent publication of a major report and bedrock geology map for the south-central Wopmay Orogen and a bedrock geology compilation of the Wopmay Orogen and adjacent Coppermine Homocline.

Led by NTGS geologist Valerie Jackson (now retired), the South Wopmay Bedrock Mapping Project was a major field-based project that combined a systematic bedrock mapping program with thematic studies, verification of key field relationships, and review and compilation of existing geoscience data. A comprehensive report, geographic information system (GIS) files, and 1:125,000 scale PDF map are contained in NTGS Open File 2017-01. This publication provides a modern geological description of the south‐central Wopmay orogen between 64° N and 65° N and significantly upgrades the geological knowledge for this region.


The South Wopmay Bedrock Mapping Project was a major collaborative effort conducted over nine field seasons that generated:

  • 9 B.Sc. theses and directed studies

  • 3 M.Sc. theses

  • 2 Ph.D. theses

  • 1 Post-doctoral research program

  • 16 Peer-reviewed scientific journal papers

  • 20 NTGS Open Reports and Open Files

  • Numerous Scientific conference presentations

  • ~45 Project leaders, collaborators, and supporters

As a complementary effort to this work, Valerie Jackson and NTGS geologist Doug Irwin (also retired) collaborated on developing a 1:550,000 scale digital atlas compilation titled Bedrock Geology of Wopmay Orogen and Coppermine Homocline, Northwest Territories. This map, published as NWT Open File 2021-02, incorporates bedrock geology data from 44 source maps. The publication contains GIS files and a PDF map and provides the most recent bedrock geological interpretation for the Wopmay Orogen in the Northwest Territories, a region of high mineral potential.