Carlin-type Gold and Mactung Tungsten Deposit Publications

A towering cliff of planar-bedded Devonian carbonate rocks overlies a narrow, recessive, brown band (volcanogenic bioclastic sandstone of the Late Silurian or Early Devonian Lower member of the Tsetso(?) Formation), which in turn overlies a succession of

The Northwest Territories Geological Survey released reports on Carlin-type gold and Mactung tungsten deposit potential.

One report details the potential for Carlin-type gold and clastic-dominated zinc-lead deposits in a region of the Northwest Territories' Mackenzie Mountains.


Looking east at Cirque Lake from the top of Mount Allan, below which the tungsten mineralization is found. Two additional reports include a review of field observations and geological knowledge at the Mactung Tungsten skarn deposit as well as a bedrock map covering an area of 44 square kilometres surrounding the deposit. Mactung, currently owned by the Government of Northwest Territories, is home to one of the world’s largest undeveloped concentrations of tungsten. The publications synthesize new and pre-existing information to provide a solid basis for future work.

The publications are:

  • Carlin-type gold and clastic-dominated zinc-lead potential of the Misty Creek Embayment region, Mackenzie Mountains, NWT. NWT 2017-02
  • Geology of the Mactung tungsten skarn deposit.  NWT 2018-01
  • Geology of the Mactung tungsten skarn deposit and area – Review and 2016 field observations. NWT 2018-02

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