Mapping mainland NWT conventional discovered gas resources

Mapping mainland NWT conventional discovered gas resources


In November 2014, the National Energy Board (NEB) published an Energy Briefing Note named, “Assessment of Discovered Conventional Petroleum Resources in the Northwest Territories and Beaufort Sea.”  This publication reported the results of a conventional hydrocarbon resource assessment undertaken to evaluate discovered hydrocarbon resources in the Northwest Territories (NWT) mainland, NWT Arctic Islands and Beaufort Sea regions of northern Canada. A total of approximately 2 trillion cubic feet of gas was reported as discovered natural gas resources for the mainland of NWT excluding the Mackenzie Delta region (Inuvialuit Settlement Region). The purpose of the mapping project is to show the well locations and quantity of the conventional gas resources in the mainland NWT outside of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.


The entire mainland of the Northwest Territories, excluding the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.


The Energy Division of NWT’s Department of Infrastructure is working to diversify its energy mix by including the increased development of renewable and alternative energy resources. Successful implementation of this strategy will result in the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) produced during energy production, particularly in remote communities using diesel-fueled generators. It might also result in the lower fuel costs. Natural gas is an abundant resource in the NWT and might be a good alternative energy and fuel source where resources are located near communities and road infrastructure. For this reason, it is necessary to map the distribution of our known discovered natural gas resources so the feasibility of such a strategy can be assessed.


The spreadsheet used to document the NEB calculated discovered conventional resource distributions in the NWT will be used as a database to create natural gas resource mapping.  Data will be entered into geoSCOUT and mapped.  Project maps, shapefiles and digital data will be published as an NWT Open Report.


This project was initiated in 2017 and will be ready for publication in 2018.


NWT conventional resource assessment, conventional discovered resources, natural gas resources, mainland NWT, alternative energy