Petroleum Play Summaries & Resource Assessments

Play Summaries


The Northwest Territories Geological Survey (NTGS) has a new publication series titled “Petroleum Play Summaries”. Petroleum Play Summaries are short papers designed to efficiently convey key information about significant prospective hydrocarbon trends in the Northwest Territories (NWT). 

The Petroleum Play Summaries are written for all stakeholders and include data on structural geology, trap type and timing, reservoir type and quality, source rock quality and maturity, the presence of hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon type, and play areal extent and seals. The summaries may also contain other relevant information such as well density, infrastructure, land use data, and the distribution of leased and open crown land in prospective trends.

Canol Formation and Bluefish Member Shale Play Summary

Middle Devonian age basinal Bluefish and Canol shale overlying Hume platform carbonates at Carcajou River NWT. Credit: NTGSThe first publication in this series was released January 2017 and is titled “Canol Formation and Bluefish Member Shale Play Summary – Central Mackenzie Valley”. The data presented in this summary covers the Devonian unconventional shale oil plays in the Central Mackenzie Valley.

Horn River and Exshaw Formations Unconventional Play Summary

Carboniferous age Golata Formation shales and siltstones at Etanda Lakes NWT. Credit: Kathryn Fiess, NTGSThe data presented in this summary, released in November 2018, covers the Mississippian and Devonian unconventional shale gas plays in the Liard Basin. 




Resource Assessments 


NEB 2014. Energy Briefing Note - Assessment of Discovered Conventional Petroleum Resources in the Northwest Territories and Beaufort Sea

NTGS, NEB 2015.  An Assessment of the Unconventional Petroleum Resources of the Bluefish Shale and the Canol Shale in the Northwest Territories;  Northwest Territories Geological Survey, NWT Open File 2015-05; National Energy Board, Energy Briefing Note (May 2015).  10 p. 

NTGS, BCOGC, BC MNGD, YGS, NEB 2016.  The Unconventional Gas Resources of Mississippian-Devonian Shales in the Liard Basin of British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and Yukon;  Northwest Territories Geological Survey, NWT Open File 2016-05; National Energy Board, Energy Briefing Note (March 2016).  16 p. 


For more information on the Petroleum publications and research at the NTGS, contact Kathryn Fiess or Viktor Terlaky.