Students Panning for Indicator Minerals

Tundra Science and Culture Camp

students standing on boulderThe Northwest Territories Geological Survey helps facilitate the Tundra Science and Culture Camp (TSCC), an environmental education program for high school students.  The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) has been facilitating TSCC for 20 years at the Tundra Ecosystem Research Station on Daring Lake, 300 km north of Yellowknife.


Unpacking - Daring Lake Tundra Science Camp. Credit NTGSThe program runs for 10 days at the end of July.  Students work closely with a variety of instructors including: scientists, environmental educators, on-site researchers and Dene elders. The focus is on learning about the land from both scientific (wildlife biology, geology, archaeology, aquatic ecology) and Dene perspectives (traditional knowledge, and Tlicho language). 


Student with hammer Students also learn about decision-making, resource management, and development issues in this diamond mining region of the Northwest Territories.  The ENR website has more information about TSCC and details about application.